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Corrosion Mitigation Design

Expert Guidance

Are you building a new structure or extensively remodeling an existing one?  We live in a very corrosive environment!  Our experience designing repairs for corroded structures leads to a bevy of knowledge of how to prevent it in the first place.  Please contact us for consulting services for successfully mitigating and reducing future corrosion on your project.

Structural Inspection

Damage/Settlement Evaluation

Many of the beachside aging structures are presenting indications of settlement or disrepair.  Contact us to determine whether settlement has affected your structure, if there is structural damage and if repairs are necessary.  Each structure is unique and will be priced on a case-by-case basis.  Please email any existing inspection reports and photographs when requesting a proposal and appointment.

Concrete Repair of Coastal Structures including Milestone Inspections

Project Consulting

Beachside Engineering uses a 3 step approach to large concrete restoration projects.  If you have a corroded structure such as a condominium balcony which is spalling, please click below to learn more!

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Implementation Planning
Image by Mike Benna

Lanai Design

Extend your Outdoor Living!

We live beachside for a reason!  Extending your outdoor living space can really make a difference.  Contact us for project design and engineering drawings.  The drawings will be suitable for bidding and permit and will be designed to current building code, especially required wind parameters.  Examples:  Porch Enclosure, New Porch, Porch Addition, Lanai Addition, Lanai Enclosure, etc.

Dock Design

A Comprehensive Approach

Do you have a project or idea that you’d love to bring to life? A lifetime of boating experience coupled with an Ocean Engineering degree leads to a deep level of understanding of how a dock should be designed.  We can help navigate confusing municipality building code requirements and bring your vision to life with a 3D rendering.

Living Seawall Design

Lagoon Friendly

Our waterways were not meant to have harsh, vertical seawalls.  Most of Brevard county’s seawalls were constructed in the 60’s and are now nearing the end of their service life.  They are failing, are unsightly and are not helping the dire situation of the unhealthy lagoon.  A living seawall, specifically of natural Coquina rock, is a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution.  It allows for wake breakage and supports a multitude of sea creatures!  Contact us to design your living seawall!

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