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Concrete Repair of Coastal Structures

Do you have a corroded structure in need of repair?  Is the condominium balcony spalling?  Please read below to learn more about getting started!

Concrete Repair of Coastal Structures: Services

3 Step Approach

Evaluate.  Design.  Repair.

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1.  Condition Evaluation & Milestone Inspections

The engineering team will fully assess the condition of your structure.  All accessible structural elements will be acoustically and/or visually evaluated.  A full report will detail the areas which require repair including an estimated project cost based on market knowledge.  Corrosion mitigation techniques will be included in the recommendations.  A worksheet detailing the repair quantities and damage mapping will also be provided.


2. Design & Bid

The overall project will be designed including recommended repairs, upgrades, corrosion protection and replacements.  The project scope will ultimately be decided by collaborating with the owner.  There is a balance of budget constraints, immediate required action items, long term required action items and future preservation.  An engineering package will be compiled including project specifications and repair design drawings.  It will be bid out to prequalified restoration contractors and then the bids analyzed and provided to the owner.


3. Construction Engineering & Inspection

Once a contractor is selected and the project scope finalized, then construction can begin.  The engineering team will work directly for the building owner (or the Board of Directors) and will be your on-site representative.  We will be your eyes and ears on-site to ensure the project is completed per the engineered design package.  Beachside Engineering will perform inspections to process contract draws monthly.

Concrete Repair of Coastal Structures: Services
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